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Q: I have a mortgage, does it get paid off?

A: Yes.  By law, any mortgage or other liens must be paid off when you sell the house.  Any remaining money goes to you.  

Q: I am in foreclosure, can I still sell my house?

A: Yes.  However, we must work quickly.   We can work with the mortgage lender to delay foreclosure to allow time to complete the sale of the house and have the mortgage paid in full.  

Q: How is the offer on my home determined?

A: We take many factors into consideration such as location, age, condition including repairs needed, similar homes, etc.  Based on these factors, we are able to make a logical fair offer.

Q: How can you buy my home without a realtor?

A: Realtors are not a requirement in the purchase and sale of a home.  Once we can agree on a fair price, we can agree in writing and a reputable title company and real estate attorney can complete the transaction on our agreed timeline.  

Q: How much does it cost to sell my home to you?

A: There is no cost to you.  The cost that we agree on will be what your check will display minus any mortgage payoffs, liens, or prorated taxes.  As the buyer, we will also cover the closing cost.  Call us today or fill out our form so we can help!

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